Steel and Sweet...

A couple of months ago, I got an excited message from a customer and friend saying she'd had an idea for a striped wrap: "It's to celebrate your steely determination", she said! So we got together on FaceTime to have a look at some colours to put together something with a monotone feel. I do like to keep the stripes as distinct as possible, so added pops of colour on either rail and one stand out colour - Steel was born (Thank you Judy for your help!). 

There's another reason why Steel is so-called - I rather wanted to give some recognition to the incredible support received every release by my kind followers in Sheffield, the city of steel - thank you very much folks!

In sharp contrast to Steel is something rather more summery and gentle - it's a little like a handful of hundreds and thousands I guess and is called, simply, Sweet, after the sweet little souls we wrap and cuddle every day :)

Thursday saw me taking a trip to the weaving mill, where there was much discussion about blends and designs, followed the next day by a really happy afternoon with Natalie to take some quick pictures and enjoy a glass of wine. It's pretty special meeting the people who support me. It was one of those 'go with the flow' afternoons (not least our ice creams, which caused a great deal of mirth!)...

(Thank you to Bryony & Co for the beautiful linen striped dress <3)


So, Steel and Sweet, releasing tonight, 14th August, at 20:30 BST at

Thank you, as always!

- Ali x